Monday, March 7, 2011

Second Entry

Finishing up molds this week. Calamity's mold is completed, and we are now working on the Driver's. The Driver's mold is a two-part Ultra Cal 30, which isn't nearly as complex as Calamity's, which also means not as many things can go wrong (we're hoping).

Also picking up the stage coach frame this week from my (Tyson's) Dad. Can't wait to assemble it!

This is are machinist/shop tech Alex, he's creating the armatures that we'll be using.

Ready to pour the front silicone half of Calamity.

My sexy self pouring the silicone into the mold.

Stainless steel armature parts (brass chest block)

Completed mold!

Preparing to pour an Instacast copy of Calamity.

Preparing the Driver for his Ultracal mold.

That growth for a neck is his sprue hole, from which we'll be pouring in the foam.

Drayson with our first (failed) Calamity copy. From here (after we make a complete cast), we're going to cut off her head and hands, and make silicone block molds to cast from.

Here's a 7 min + video of Drayson and I casting the first Calamity.

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